A few moments…

“Can we start over again?
Let us be strangers again.
Let me introduce myself again
We can laugh like no one is there,
We can come up with new inside jokes,
We can climb to terrace to look at the moon & speak our heart out,
We can recreate some beautiful memories,
We can bitch about every couple we see on the road,
We can make a team that no one can defeat,
We can go along for our midnight ice cream cravings,
We will wait for our favourite song that radio show host,
We will be there for each other at times we wake up from a nightmare,
We will tell each other how “friends” is our favourite show,
We will be dieing visiting the best places on mother earth,
Think what we could have been if you were still here with me..”
Whispering to her, she bid farewell to grave of her best friend…



“Bekauf h jeena mujhe
Bekauf hi marna mujhe
Bekauf hokar zindagi me ab h aage badna mujhe

Bekauf ho mere raste
Bekauf ho meri manzile
Bekauf ho vo kashtiya jinme Safar tay karna mujhe

Bekauf ho ye aasmaa
Bekauf ho ab ye sma
Bekauf ho vo vadiya jinme ab h rahna mujhe

Bekauf ho ye zindagi
Bekuaf ho meri maut bhi
bekauf aazad jeena mujhe”

Day 82 of 365:-
To the people who are reading this,

  • A little girl refuse to step out from her home as she is still terrified by the uncle who was offering chocolate to her a day before.
  • A girl from her teenage can’t go for a night out with her friends as her parents think this is not “safe” and girls are not allowed to take risks.
  • A housewife weaving her dream but decide not to continue this so far as her husband thinks a wife is supposed to be at home, cooking food for her children & family and the idea of doing job was totally inappropriate.

This post, I am writing is to make you feel what kind of world we are leading to. The poem, I cited above was to make my female friends believe that it is not that hard to believe in yourself and that you can never be alone in this journey. There are millions of us fighting back, weaving some new dreams every day & not quitting any of those.
Yes we do exist, if women won’t empower each other then who will?
There is just one thing we need to learn, ” Becoming Nirabhaya”.
(Becoming Fearless).

Morning Mist…

A window, a still,
This is what called her whole life will,
Children playing & flying kite,
“Oh what happen, why they fight?”,
Costermonger shouting & street dogs wary,
“Oh is he having my favourite blueberry..”,
Dropping rain & dancing girls,
“Oh I used to have the same curls”,
Weeping mother & drunken son,
“Oh devil why don’t she slap that one?”
A orphan standing there & cry,
“Oh my heart melt enough to drop from one soft eye”,
Peaceful sunrise & a perfect sunset,
“Oh I think its my time to rest”,
Again a long wait for the morning,
” Alas”, she fell from the wheelchair & started mourning,
And this is what her life, An hour glass on the run,
A mist retreating from the morning sun…..

Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane

On her birth, everywhere around there was a cry,
A little girl she was preparing her wings to fly…
When the world was busy with the hustle bustle around,
She was busy in plucking the flowers to make her a crown..
When everyone in her class were listening carefully to the wisdom words,
Wandering in her own dream world, she was catching the flying birds..
Growing up, every girl of her class was busy in their makeup brush,
Helping her mother, ups & down,
She was still in her rush…
When everybody said no, she thought of giving it a sign of go,
Little did she know, there was someone just waiting for her to let it go..
Experience so frightening it was,
A warrior she was, decided to break the vase…
A world she cared was no more for her,
But as the brave she was, didn’t cared for it anymore…
Moments pass, time elapse..
Still no rage, still no change..
When everybody was burning with hatred fire,
Gifted with a beautiful bliss, she decided to give her little princess the life that her heart always desired…❤❤

The soulmate you never met

“It is better to wait for Mr. Right then waiting for Mr. to be right.”
Sometimes independent women having all she desired for life, fails while seeing some couples taking care of each other.

“Mum I don’t want any boyfriends as they sucks, I want money to spend on my dreams”, she often argued with her mother.

“This girl is going crazy” her mother consoled herself, little did she know how afraid her daughter was when her drunken father slapped her mother, when her uncle married another women, when her brother left his girlfriend in the middle of the road so that she realise her mistake..
And she never knew….
Everyone failed, she did what her heart always desired.
Today as a CEO of multinational company, she is missing her better half, even though she still felt the fear deep inside her bones. She imagined the roses on the bedside, the morning cup of tea, cuddling nights and a peaceful sleep while putting her head on his shoulder, only in her imagination as she knew the real life was what she had gone through her childhood where there was no place for love & happiness.
Confused as usual she slipped her glasses inside the rack and decided to drown in the imaginary tale of love of her favourite book..
Still a corner of her heart waiting for the magic wand to bring her imaginary Mr. Right to reality..
“Just another wish” she thought…

What if…

images (1).jpg

What if the life we live

Is the death in real sense
And the death we die
Is nothing but utter nonsense?
What if the sky above
Is the sea below
And is the sea below
Is the sky above?
What if the aliens we look out for
Are none but us
And the real humans
Lie somewhere unconscious?
What if tomorrows are yesterdays
Played on an endless loop
And on all our today’s
We are repeatedly duped?
What if ‘what if’ is the only real thing
In the world where real is fake
Where to act normal
Abnormality is all it takes?
What if this world is the heaven
We keep falling for
For life anyway
Is an illusion after all….